Who Is An Optometrist?

World Council of Optometry (“WCO”) has defined optometry as:-

Optometrists are primary healthcare practitioners of the eye and vision system who can successfully manage the leading cause of vision impairment (i.e. refractive error) and can also help alleviate the burden of other causes of blindness through diagnosis, referral and co-management.

What is Optometry Council of India (“OCI”)?

OCI is a self – regulatory body set up under the provisions of The Companies Act of India. This organization is set up in September 2012 and since its inception has grown tremendously in terms of popularity amongst Ophthalmologists/ Optometrists in India.

OCI has been registered under Section 25A of The Companies Act, 1956(a non-profit company). This organization has been formed with the help of Indian Optometry Federation (“IOF”) and Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (“ASCO”).

Since OCI is registered under the “The Companies Act” does an optometrist need to buy shares in the company or would shares be sold to optometrist?

The Optometry council of India is a not for profit company, whose shares can neither be bought nor sold and will be governed by the company law (Government of India) for a not for profit company.

Who are the board members of OCI?

It has a nine member board consisting of;-

  • Three members from Indian Optometry Federation (“IOF”)
  • Three members from Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (“ASCO”)
  • A representative from Non – Government Organization who is active in eye care sector
  • A member involved with experience in community health programs
  • An active member from the health care sector of good standing

What is the Vision and Mission of OCI?

Assuring excellence in optometry education & equitable eye care for India

The Optometry Council of India (“OCI”) is a professional regulatory body with the responsibility of establishing & maintaining high standards of optometry education & recognition of optometry qualifications in India. It registers optometrists in order to maintain quality, and provide equitable & accountable eye care services for the people of India.

What are the duties of an Optometrist?

Duties of Eye Care Practitioners

Public Sector
The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Public sector are governed by the duty charter issued by the government. The view the duty charter details received by us, please click here. This duty charter is yet to be notified.

Private Sector
The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Private sector are in the process of being finalized.

In case of any complaint from public to OCI, what action would OCI take?

In case of any complaint from customer / consumer, OCI would investigate about the complaint. If required OCI would constitute a 3 member panel to investigate further. I don’t think we need to mention anything further than this. Leave this open. Don’t commitThe result of the investigation would be: