The Optometry Council of India (OCI) is “Not for Profit” company (registered under section 25A. The funds generated would be used for the betterment of the profession. Some of the projects are:

  1. Accreditation of optometry schools/colleges
  2. Accrediting Continuing Education (CE) programs
  3. Advocacy of the profession
  4. Improving public awareness about eyecare
  5. Public Awareness about standards in optometry

Duties of Eye Care Practitioners

Public Sector The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Public sector are governed by the duty charter issued by the government. The view the duty charter details received by us, please click here. This duty charter is yet to be notified.

Private Sector The duties of Eye Care Practitioners in Private sector are in the process of being finalized.

Individuals with Qualification of 2 years and more

The registration is currently available for individuals with qualification of 2 years and more. The process consists of:

  1. Completing the online form consisting of personal details, qualification, current work details, uploading passport photo and optometry certificates.
  2. Payment of Rs 2500/- for 3 years to “Optometry Council of India” by way of RTGS. (The bank details for the payment are mentioned below). Payment can be made by DD, Cheque or RTGS. We would not accept cash deposits and anyone doing any cash deposit would forfeit the amount
  3. Once the form is submitted a reference number is generated. Please retain this number and quote it whenever contacting OCI.
  4. Optometry Council of India would verify the documents and issue the certificate within 45 days. 
  5. Optometrists who require certificates on an urgent basis, can apply as fast track, wherein the registration certificate will be issued within 10 working days.

For Fees and Payments, please see the bank details below

The registration fees is Rs 2500/- for Optometrists based in India and Rs 5000/- for Optometrists based outside India. For fast track applications the amount to be paid is Rs 4000/- for Optometrists based in India and Rs 6500/- for Optometrists based outside India. The fees is for a duration for 3 years .You can avail 10% discount, if 10 – 24 individuals are registering at a time (payment should be made by single cheque / draft). You can avail 20% discount, if 25 or more individuals are registering at a time.

Name: Optometry Council Of India  A/c No: 5020-0000-6657-93

RTGS / NEFT IFSC: HDFC0000041 Bank: HDFC Bank

Click here to view sample certificate.

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For Offline Registrations Please download the form by clicking here. After completing the form, please contact us at: [email protected].  

Optometry Council of India is very proud to announce the first 10 registrants. They are:
  1. Padmashree Vipin Buckshey, Delhi
  2. Optom. Rajesh Wadhwa, Delhi
  3. Dr. Krishna Kumar, Chennai
  4. Optom. Nilesh Thite, Pune,
  5. Optom. Prema Chande, Mumbai
  6. Optom. Sonjoy Madhab Bose, Kolkatta
  7. Optom. Debhashish Kar, Kolkatta
  8. Dr. Ramesh Sve, Manipal
  9. Dr Shrikanth Bharadwaj, Hyderabad
  10. Optom. Aditya Goyal, Chennai

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